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Flexible Fiberscopes That You Can Buy at Lower Costs

URO Twenty Inc. in Jaffrey, New Hampshire is your source for affordable and disposable endoscopes. We provide endoscopes with CMOS electronic chips that send images of the lungs and the kidney. They are also used for image pathology and can be removed using forceps, radio frequency (RF), and/or laser.

Our endoscopes are sterile and are good for single use only. They are cheaper than the reusable fiberscopes currently on the market. To safely dispose of them, simply place them in a red bag. Our clients include medical diagnostic clinic/laboratories as well as physicians.

Endoscopes are used for procedures such as bronchoscopy and ureterorenoscopy. Here is a list of the features of our flexible disposable intubation

endoscopes (FxDIE):

  • ENDO VUE Sterile Packaged Uni Use Scopes for Small Lumen Examination and Therapeutics
  • OD 9MM, Internal Channel 3.6 Fr Deflection 280 Degree in Both Directions
  • Video Processing Module and HD TV Monitor (Optional) and Reusable
  • A System That Transports in an Attaché Case
  • Remote Real Time Imaging and Storage and White Balance Cat
  • Include a Sterile Scope With a 5mm Working Channel for Improved Suction Capability

About Our Company

We have been in business for more than 45 years. You can count on us to continuously provide you with modern medical equipment that is vital to today’s medical procedures. We take pride in offering affordable options to both physicians and patients.

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