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What We Offer

Purchase flexible endoscopes from URO Twenty Inc. in Jaffrey, New Hampshire. We also offer training on the proper use and disposal of our products. Get in touch with us to schedule an appointment.

# FB-U Flexible Ureteroscope

The NeoFlex-UreteroScope™ (flexible, single use, 9.0 Fr) is a flexible digital video ureteroscope with 3.6 Fr working channel and articulating distal tip. It has a built-in LED light source that can be used with any HD video monitor.

The design of the NeoFlex Ureteroscope incorporates CMOS imaging sensor at the distal tip to acquire video images of the target site. Its video processing module (VPM) enhances the video signals to provide dual HDMI video output for simultaneous viewing by the doctor and patient. The NeoFlex’s VPM is also capable of recording real time images and video clips during the endoscopy.

The risk of infection and cross-contamination is minimized compared to reusable endoscopes. This product is user-friendly and is also less costly than other brands. A package includes 3.6mm working channel packaged sterile for single use and disposal in a contaminant “red bag.” It is made in the USA with CMOS EVC. For more details, please call 617-803-9447.

# FB-B Flexible Bronchoscope

The NeoFlex Bronchoscope™ (flexible, single use, 9.0 Fr) has a 3.6 Fr working channel, articulating distal tip, and a built-in LED light source. It can be used with a dual HD video monitor.

The NeoFlex Bronchoscope has a digital video system with a VPM and a USB 2.0 connecting cable. It has an articulating tip with a 280-degree deflection in both directions, and a 9.0 Fr outer diameter with suction or irrigation. Its imaging sensor and VPM capabilities are the same as that of the NeoFlex-UreteroScope™. A package includes a 3.6mm channel and optional throughput accessories.

3-D Scope

The NeoScope 3D™ is designed with two CMOS imaging sensors and built-in LEDs at its distal end, with wires connected along the length of the structure. It also has a USB/HD connector at its proximal end.

The distal and proximal ends are protected by a sealed and clear optical window. This is to prevent any fluid from entering the 3-D endoscope. The NeoScope 3D™ is designed with articulating/deflecting distal tip controlled by a lever mechanism in the handle. A package includes a sterile model.

*The NeoScope 3D™ family of products are cleared by the US FDA for marketing.

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