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Flexible Disposal Bronchoscope

SEESCOPE 9fr. by 100cm and 3.6fr. channel.                      $900 ea.

SELECTSCOPE 12fr. by 60cm and 5fr. channel.                  $600 ea.

SUCTIONSCOPE 15fr. by 60cm. and 8fr. channel.              $700 ea.​

FUSION 5 Reusable Eye Pad                                                  $250

VideoLink Reusable Connect                                                  $700

Scopes are US made. Urotwentyinc is a SDVOS Co. #5KB66  

The Neoscope Video Link Module (NVL)

provides affordable option for Video Processing for use with Tablet &

Laptop Computer for excellent Video Quality Image Resolution.

ThePortable, Neoflex Cysto System is ideal for

Diagnostic / Therapuetic endoscopic treatment including

Laser Tx, Tissue Biopsy, Stent removal etc.

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